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Writing for Publication

Publication in regional and international refereed journals is now a requirement for career advancement. Of the thousands of manuscripts submitted to applied linguistics journals, some are not even sent out for review because the authors appear to be unaware of the publication process. In this workshop, I provide advice on how to succeed in getting past the gatekeepers (manuscript reviewers and journal editors) of academic journals, with specific reference to journals in applied linguistics. 

Some of the topics covered are understanding the publication process, choosing the right publication, generating more than one publication from a study, replicating research, composing effective titles, using clear visuals, making the editors’ and reviewers’ tasks easier, negotiating with editors and reviewers, and revising effectively.

Based upon requests by the sponsor, individual advice could be provided for authors who have manuscripts in hand.

This could be conducted as a half-day or full-day workshop.

For more information on teacher training, please contact me at georgebraine@gmail.com