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Non-Native Speaker English Teachers: Empowerment & Professional Development

Non-native speaker (NNS) English teachers have been considered less competent than native speaker (NS) English teachers because of the misconception that the ideal teacher of a language is a native speaker of that language. (This is now known as the “native speaker fallacy”.) Unfortunately, this misconception prevails among some language program administrators, students and their parents. Facing discrimination in employment, many NNS English teachers are discouraged and demoralized. 

For the past ten years, the nonnative speaker movement, of which I am the founder, has fought this misconception and the resulting discrimination faced by NNS English teachers. The movement has championed the cause of NNS English teachers by forming strong advocacy groups and enlightening the ESL community on the strengths of NNS English teachers. We have also held workshops for these teachers in order to educate them on their pedagogical strengths and empower them in areas of language development, advocacy and research.

This workshop will present ways in which NNS English teachers can empower themselves and develop professionally.

This is a half-day workshop.