External Examiner

Over the past ten years, I have served as the External Examiner of the PhD dissertations of the following candidates (Please note that I have not updated this list since 2010. Since then, I must have been the external examiner for about ten dissertations. Apologies.):

Year Candidate Institution
 2010 Lai Ping Florence Macquarie University, Australia
 2008 K. ShriganeshanEnglish & Foreign Languages University, India 
 2008Kwai Peng Fiona Siu Macquarie University, Australia 
 2007Shrifah Syed Hussein   Curtin University, Australia
 2007 Yongyan LiCity University of Hong Kong 
 2005 So Po Chun BroniaCity University of Hong Kong 
 2005 Lung Wing Yi JaneCity University of Hong Kong 
 2004 Kong Wai Yu Stella  City University of Hong Kong
 2004 Chitra Varaprasad  National Institute of Education, Singapore
 2002 Liu Ngar Fun Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Upon invitation, I will serve in the same capacity for future dissertations, too. My areas of expertise are second language writing, vocabulary, and nonnative speaker English teachers.

For more information, please contact me at georgebraine@gmail.com