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MA Programs in ELT / Applied Linguistics

In 2005-06, I was appointed the Director of the MA Program in Applied English Linguistics offered by the English Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Over the next five years, I enriched the program by offering elective courses taught by eminent visiting professors and promoted the program by generating wide publicity in Hong Kong and China. As a result, the number of applicants to the program grew steadily making it the most competitive MA program in applied linguistics/ELT in Hong Kong. This growth was achieved despite a doubling of tuition during the same period.

AcademicYear     Number of Applicants   Admitted
 2005-06 130 33
 2006-07 129 41
 2007-08 158 41
 2008-09 142 38
 2009-10 201 40

If you wish to launch a new MA program in applied linguistics or ELT, I can 
conduct a needs
 analysis (in order to formulate admission criteria and the curriculum of the program)
formulate admission criteria
design a curriculum
prepare course descriptions, and
design a marketing plan. 

Fees: Negotiable depending on the services required.

All existing programs need periodic reviews. I can conduct a review of your program by 
examining the course offerings
examining the course contents, and by
surveying teachers and students. 

Following the review, I will make recommendations to strengthen your program academically and enhance its competitiveness. This will also help you to promote and expand your MA program.

For more information on the MA Program in Applied English Lin
guistics or the services I could provide, please contact me at

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